Electrical Power Monitoring Systems

Modern power distribution systems continue to evolve, taking advantage of smart technology and offering valuable information.  Accessible data facilitates and improves the management of power consumption, emergency conditions, power usage effectiveness (PUE), and historical metrics, and provides building engineers and managers a clearer in-field understanding.  Control Solutions Group, Inc. not only incorporates Electrical Power Monitoring Systems, but customizes options to the needs of our clients across New York City.

Electrical Power Monitoring System Installations

Consolidating the wealth of information from components of independent manufacturers can present a challenge.  Because breakers, generators, ATS, PDU, STS, branch circuit monitoring, energy meters, power meters, fuel oil systems, and other components have their own Modbus RS-485 or Modbus TCP/IP monitoring interfaces, the process is too often time-intensive and inefficient.  An Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS) is the ideal tool to effectively collect and monitor information from a range of sources.


At Control Solutions Group, Inc., we’ve surpassed outdated EPMS developers.  Recognizing the need to streamline and tailor the process to suit specific goals, we incorporate building management system (BMS) software, which contains BACnet and Modbus open protocol integration.  Through these protocols, we prioritize and collect the data essential and helpful to you, and provide easy access. Plus, the BMS platform offers the bonus of rewarding features, such as advanced alarming, email notifications, trending, time lapse, and graphical displays all targeted toward your requirements. In addition, real time single line diagrams delineates breaker status and load.

Take advantage of one software platform for both the EPMS and the BMS.  Web based, the BMS/EPMS server software applications can be installed on a virtual machine platform and offer the opportunity to use SQL, MySQL, ORACLE, or PostgreSQL database to store all trend data.  This innovative solution consolidates everything in one house and eliminates the need for training, operating, and maintaining two separate systems. Control Solutions Group, Inc. creates an easily accessible, powerful EPMS system that’s right for you, bringing our experience and established history of excellence to our customers across Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens & Brooklyn, NY.

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