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For new construction projects in New York City, rely on Control Solutions Group, Inc. for unmatched quality and craftsmanship.  By consistently exemplifying and exceeding industry standards, we ensure superior results and proven reliability.  Our personalized approach factors in your concerns, needs, and expectations, with no project entered into without a complete understanding of your specifications.

Building Control Solutions for your New Construction Projects

A qualified Project Manager, with over twenty years of experience, oversees each project, to verify the integrity of each phase of installation.  A lead controls engineer creates detailed installation and job-specific drawings, clearly and effectively determining the location and proper wiring of each control device for the electrician.  Through meticulous project management, we eliminate miscommunication, error, and delay.



Upon completion of installation, the Commissioning Team follows through with the required point-to-point system checkout and conscientious system-by-system sequence of operation verification, whereupon graphics are customized, installed, and confirmed.  By leaving nothing to chance, Control Solutions Group, Inc. protects the return from your investment.

Give Control Solutions Group, Inc. a call for all your new construction projects!

The project team from Control Solutions Group, Inc. is always available and willing to provide further information, listen to any concerns you may have, and reassess strategies throughout the process.  Our standards of quality continue to make us the leading choice of a wide range of commercial, industrial, government, healthcare, and educational facilities throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens & Brooklyn, NY.

Control Solutions Group, Inc. serves your best interests and promotes superior value through:

  • Expert Personnel – Our dedicated team of Project Managers, Engineers, and Technicians bring 20+ years of control experience to every job.
  • Exacting Standards – Uncompromising quality of components, strict design standards, and precision commissioning add up to exceptional results.
  • Meticulous Design – Control panel design and fabrication, detailed installation control drawings, graphics, and programming done properly.

New Construction Building Management & Control Solutions