Control costs, maintain comfort and reduce risk with regular preventative maintenance

Maintaining the integrity of your original control system investment is the only way to reduce the risk of serious and costly problems, as well as maintaining comfort and minimizing energy costs. Having control over your entire HVAC system is imperative when operating a business. Control Solutions Group, Inc. will get your building’s HVAC control system setup properly for seamless automation and access. The device and system out technicians can install to provide reports, historical data and diagnostic tests. Your building’s HVAC system will be running at peak efficiency after our team has installed the most innovative technology on the market today.

Control Solutions Group, Inc., offers extensive service and maintenance programs designed to meet each of our client’s specific needs.

Systems Supported

Automated Logic and Honeywell Control Systems

Priority Response

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With a service agreement, client’s receive priority response on all service and emergency calls.

Hardware and Software Diagnostics & Updates

Our technicians will backup the critical control system data as well as perform diagnostics and critical updates on the computer equipment to ensure the inner workings of the system will continue to respond quickly and accurately.

System Calibration

Improperly calibrated controls can result in damaged HVAC equipment, wasted energy and shortened lifespans of equipment. Our technicians will perform all necessary calibrations to ensure the system is functioning properly and efficiently.

System Evaluation

Our technicians will discuss with the client the operation of the system and any necessary changes that need to be made. Also, our in house licensed engineers and certified energy managers can develop energy management strategies that will reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

Building Operator Training

There is usually a training session during the installation phase of a control system. However, often times, the building operations staff will need a refresher session. Our technicians provide this service as well as an in-depth training so that the staff can harness the full power of the control system.

Remote Building Monitoring

Remote monitoring provides instant access for our technicians and engineers for critical troubleshooting and support.

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