Control Systems Integration & Automated Logic Systems

Contact Control Solutions Group, Inc. for knowledgeable information, expertise, and proven results throughout New York City.  Specializing in Automated Logic WebCTRL Systems, we bring leadership, innovation, and order to the complexities of building automation, temperature control, and integration.  As a Authorized Dealer of Automated Logic, with more than ninety years of combined sales and operations experience, we offer the professional resources of a large established company, while upholding a creative, goal-oriented spirit.



Contact Control Solutions Group, Inc. for Automated WebCTRL System Integration

Features and rewards of an Automated Logic WebCTRL System include:

  • Intuitive, total building performance with progressive, interactive graphical access.
  • Building diagnostics employing Time-Lapse graphics, trends, and alarms
  • Advanced alarm management capacity, incorporating email, network printers, etc.
  • Optimizes security with practical and innovative alarm escalation system protection with multi-level passwords and Secure Sockets Layer with 128-bit encryption.
  • Monitors and manages a broad range of third party HVAC and electrical equipment via a browser.
  • Entirely designed around open standards.
  • Avoids reliance on special software or plug-ins, using the language of the web (HTTP) to communicate over the internet or intranet.
  • Operates on multiple platforms, such as Windows and Linux.

System Architecture